A great organizing tool

21 Jul

Disclaimer: this is a review of a adult product

My husband and I have been organizing our bed room for about a week now. Pretty much everything is back to normal. While I was cleaning my dresser draw, I noticed that some of my toys were missing. I know that I used some early that week and couldn’t remember where I put it. So this is when I decided I needed to be more careful as to where I put my toys.

I decided to order the Toy pouch for my sex toys. Now my toys are all nice and neat into there case. No more are they thrown in my draw for other people to see or to get lost. I would be very upset if I was to really misplace one of my favorite toys. I am usually pretty good at keeping our bed room clean.

I actually bought a couple of these pouches. I wanted to make sure all my toys were covered and not getting ruined. The pouch comes in purple (which is what I have) and black. Since I love the color purple, it was a very easy decision as to which color I wanted. I happy that all my toys are covered and are not getting dirty. The pouch does a great job of protecting the toys in the draw string bag that is microfiber. The inside lining of the draw string bag is polyester and the inside color is pink.

This pouch is made very well. The cords seem to be mended well and doesn’t look like it will fray apart. The lenght of this bag is 10 1/2 inches long and has a tie closer on top so nothing comes out. The width of the pouch is 4 3/4 long which makes it a pretty decent size pouch to put small or medium sized products inside. My pouches usually hold 2 to 3 toys in there depending on the size of the toy.

There was no information giving on how to wash the pouch. I would either try not to get it dirty, hand wash it or use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. I would air dry this pouch until its completely dried before adding any toys. Once it dry, your good to go.

In one of my pouches I have the hello kitty pocket rocket, girls best friend butterfly teaser and two other small water vibrators. You can get a good decent amount of toys in here. For your longer and larger items, you may be able to fit one or two depending on size and thickness. Another great thing about the pouches is that there easy on the checkbook, you can get a few and not kill the bank. I have a total of four and looking to get more until I can afford a train case or the devine playchest.

This is a great product for the price! You could also use the pouch for other things too if you really wanted too. It could hold lubes, hand cuffs and other sex toy items that you want hidden or just want to know there in a safe place and wont get loose.

product picture
Storage container by EdenFantasys
Material: Cotton / Polyester

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