A review of The Ultimate massager

21 Jul

Disclaimer: this is a review of a adult product

I have been looking for something new to bring with me on a weekend get away. I recently bought the Ultimate massager by Nasstoys. I have had a pocket rocket before but it fell apart on me. So I was excited about getting a new one for our trip. I like the size of this rocket because its fits into my purse. I usually put it in the small part of my purse that zips so I don’t loose it. I also put its attachments in a small plastic bag in my purse.

The ultimate massager is 5 inches long and has a velvety smooth feeling. This product is plastic so be sure not to drop it as it may crack. It is phthalates free ,hypo-allergenic food-grade material and is latex free. It has a circumference of 3 1/4 and the diameter is 1 inch. It weights 0.3 lbs making it very light and easy to use. Nothing like wanting to get it on and you have a super heavy toy! On top of the toy is three metal balls what conduct the vibration. Placing the different caps on top of the conductors gives you a different vibration feeling. They stay on very well and do not fall off. I personally love using it by itself. I feel I get more orgasms without the toppers.

This product comes in pink and purple. I have it in purple because I love the color purple. When holding the rocket, you can twist the top part off to insert the batteries. This product takes 1 AA battery. I love this fact that it only takes one. I can save my other batteries for other bigger toys. I found that the battery in this toy lasts for a long time. This also depends on how long your using the toy.This product really gets the job done. In the middle of the toy, it has a rubber ring around it. This is so that if you take it in the bath, shower or hot tub, the batteries do not get wet.

This sex toy has amazing speeds. I like to go to the highest speed when playing with all my toys. The massager has 10 different vibrations such as low speed, short pulse/long pulse and then getting higher. There is a nice variety of different vibrations with this toy. This toy is very quite. Which is great for being discreet or someone walking in on you because they hear noise.

Using this toy in water is a lot of fun. You can feel the vibration very well in the water. Whether its the shower, bath, pool or hot tub your sure to have a very good time with this toy. I actually prefer using it in water then dry. It is a waterproof toy, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. I always make sure to clean it before and after each use. I usually use soap and water to clean the toy. I also soak the attachments in soapy water to clean and then air dry till dry.


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