Good head gel

21 Jul

Disclaimer: this is a review of a adult product

I got the good head set as a gift. I was really excited when I got it. Called my husband from work and told him what came in the mail and to be ready for a “fun” night! I was excited to try all 5 different gels. All of them taste very good! They also smell pretty good too! I kind of wish they had some other ones available in this set. Maybe instead of doing 5, next time they could do 7. 1 for everyday of the week!

Each good head bottle has a different taste. All of taste very good. The texture of the good head is is thick. Sort of reminds me of toothpaste texture. I placed a little bit on my tongue and then went to business. My husband said the tingling sensation felt very good. I didn’t place any of the good head directly on him, but just in my mouth. I tried not mix all the different gels together. I used a different gel every night.

I actually found it easier to deep throat him. The gel made it easier for me. I usually don’t do that because I always gag, but with the gel I was able to do it. I know that it made my husband even more excited. I also noticed that his penis wasn’t sticky like other gels I have tried. It was also easy to clean once I was done. I just wiped his penis off with water and it came off and he would shower in the morning to get anything else that was on it.

I am so happy that I found this product because now I can deep throat my husband more often now and not gag. I know he felt bad every time I would gag, but I have used it few times now and it worked like a charm! I bet he could even use it on me too.


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