IncrediMail 2.0

21 Jul

I have been trying to find a really good email client for my laptop. I would switch from outlook, outlook express and windows live. They really all suck in my opinion. So I went searching for something new. Someone happen to make the same comment I did about email clients and posted the link about IncrediMail 2.0.

At first I was little scared about it putting a virus on my computer, but I ran my virus scanner and it came back clean. This program works so good for me. Since I use POP3 and IMAP, its sometimes hard getting the certain codes just right. So I found that if you enter all your email information into Windows Live, IncrediMail pulls the information to the email client. Amazing!!

It is one of the coolest email programs I tried. I found a few off the internet and hated them such as Thunderbird. They would not configure right. So I am so happy to have found this email client! Please sure to check it out. I have included some pictures so you can see how it works! It has some really niffy features


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